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Boost Brand Visibility

With Award-Winning Cellini™ 3D Magic

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No foiling, embossing, or plastic.

Just optical magic.

We may not be able to pull a rabbit out of a hat but our holographic films and sculptural special effects can help you create packaging that looks truly magical.

Conventional embossing requires that an expensive embossing die be designed, fabricated, and delivered to the printer. Unfortunately, embossed imagery cannot be easily overprinted and is prone to scuffing and stacking issues. Moreover, since embossing is usually applied offline, it adds time to the overall production schedule.

Fortunately, our 3D Cellini™ magic embossing tool is created from a simple digital file, so it’s far less expensive to create than a metal embossing die. Since the Cellini embossing tool does not deform the paper or board, the final label, carton, or printed piece can be easily printed on both sides and has none of the scuffing or stacking issues found with traditionally embossed pieces. More importantly, since Cellini is applied inline, it will not delay the production process.

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What We Offer


Cellini™ 3D Optical Labels and Security Seals

Whether you need a simple security seal or a custom three-dimensional holographic design, our optical labels help deter theft and authenticate your brand.

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Cellini™ Dimensional Imaging

Our proprietary Cellini™ holographic imaging system simulates a hard emboss but with the magnificent dimensionality of holography. We can also embed digitized information into the hologram to help verify a brand or product ownership.

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SUSTAIN™ Recyclable Paper and Paperboard

Ideal for eco-conscious companies, SUSTAIN™:
• Is free of plastics
• Is 100% recyclable
• Has negligible metal content
• Is print receptive
• Folds without cracking
• Contains anti-counterfeit security features
• Is available in rolls or sheets

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Envision It.

It's a challenge to re-create the look of a complex holographic emboss so your customers can envision the final product and make design adjustments. But using iC3D state-of-the art software from our partner Creative Edge Software provides an easy-to-view digital simulation of your package design so your customers can make adjustments without the added expense and time needed for generating press proofs.

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Yes we "Can!"

We can even apply our 3D magic to shrink sleeve material so you can embellish beverage cans and bottles.

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Markets We Serve

Liquor and Beverage


Beauty and Cosmetics

Sports and Entertainment

Healthcare / Cannabis


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