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Sweet "DRIEMS": A New Vision for Packaging

DRIEMS™, a recyclable substrate that allows brand owners and designers to create eye-catching luxury packaging concepts, was recently launched by Fresnels Innovations Ltd.

Featuring proprietary 3D imagery on plastic-free board, DRIEMS™—which stands for Digital, Registered Image, Eco, Metallic, Secure—is ideal to be used as the centerpiece of a brand strategy built around sophisticated, elegant, and impactful packaging designs.

Enabling consumer and luxury goods companies to enhance product shelf appeal and add value to the retail experience, DRIEMS is manufactured from sustainable materials and has low VOCs, so is odorless. As such DRIEMS is compliant with cigarette and cannabis carton requirements, among other demanding packaging applications.


“DRIEMS offers another level of packaging design sophistication and visual impact, opening up new possibilities for inventive luxury packaging solutions," says Dr Glenn Wood, Fresnels Inc. COO. "It’s recyclable and affordable, with a built-in print enhancement technology. Now brand owners can imagine the folding carton they always wanted: sweet dreams.”

With bespoke registered imagery, brand owners, printers, and packaging companies can apply standard print and converting techniques to the holographic board. Since it is digitally mastered at high resolution so can embed anti-piracy, anti-counterfeiting, and anti-smuggling features.

Fresnels Innovations' Cellini™ technology can also be applied to DRIEMS board, providing cost-effective 3D tactile imagery without the use of expensive laminates. Packaging produced with Cellini™ is also recyclable.

DRIEMS film can be delivered as master rolls so it can be laminated to the board of choice or as print-ready sheets. Sheeted material is manufactured with images accurately placed within the sheet.

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